Fusion Light Therapy


What is Theragem?

TheragemTM is a fusion of full spectrum light (like sunlight)

with gemstones, color, brainwave frequencies and more...

FDA 510K Registered Light Therapy Device

Theragem has been used to address a wide range of conditions related to health, wellness and beauty. By enhancing the biological terrain and increasing homeostasis, it assists the body in it's own natural ability to heal.

Catharina Jansma describes Theragem™ technology

Sunlight helps the body to produce vitamin D and absorb calcium and regulates our body clock.  This is responsible for body rhythms such as heart rate and blood pressure, sleep, mood, menstrual cycles and energy levels.  Skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis benefit from sunlight, and it can prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, build strong bones and teeth and defeat depression. 

A variety of light therapies have been developed to harness the rays of light and color to correct imbalances, improve health and restore vitality.  Ultraviolet light therapy, colored light therapy, photodynamic therapy, photo medicine and photomodulation are among those used to address physical, mental and emotional complaints.

Modern day uses of light therapy 

  • Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – also known as the winter blues, cabin fever or mal-illumination syndrome – is a direct result of insufficient sunlight.  Light therapy has been used for all kinds of non-seasonal depression and bipolar depression. 
  • Light therapy is a well known method of treating new-born babies with jaundice.
  • Addressing chronic and acute pain.
  • It can stimulate increased circulation and collagen production in skin tissue.
  • Since cellular growth depends upon gravity, NASA use light therapy on astronauts to counteract the weightless environment.

Here is a video introduction and demonstration of Theragem used to treat chronic back pain

This fusion of light, color, gemstones and brain wave frequencies enhances the bodies balance and works at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual or energetic level. One of the most powerful (and least known) therapies addresses the Assemblage Point.

The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point is the human energy vortex – the point in the electro-magnetic body where life force energy, chi or prana enters the body. Normally centered at chest height travelling through to the back, an optimally situated Assemblage Point means we are balanced mentally and physically. When ‘off-center’ in some way, it can adversely affect our thoughts, feelings, behaviour and health.

The Assemblage Point (AP) is the very centre of the human energy system, from which a vortex emerges that surrounds the entire body. The location and angle of entry has a direct effect upon the client’s energy and is also linked to the activity level of organs and glands, including the brain.

The AP is only taken into account within the field of energy medicine. It is, to date, among most medical treatments and therapies, an unknown or disregarded feature of a person when they present for treatment, whether their problem be based upon physical, mental or emotional reasons. However, in the ancient Mayan, Hebrew, Vedic and Native American traditions, the AP – in particular its location and entry angle - was a key part of diagnosis and treatment of a patient. 

The Assemblage Point has been called the missing link to resolving health problems and this partly explains why so many people continue to suffer without a solution for their painful or debilitating symptoms. The fact that it is not taken into consideration means that, often, a meaningful result cannot be obtained.

There are many reasons why a patient’s AP may be out of position. Shock and trauma, divorce and bereavement, drugs or alcohol addiction, infection, surgical operations, childbirth, accidents, illness, violence and intimidation, rape, hunger and thirst can all cause it to either drop or lift out of its normal position. Patients may have an idea that they experienced some kind of change inside following one of these events, but be unable to bring about a return to their former selves via self-reasoning, pills, potions or therapy.

Catharina Jansma describes the Assemblage Point

Shifting the Assemblage Point

Traditionally, shamans moved offset APs using a large crystal and a blow to the back – this technique is known as the "Shaman’s Blow" and is still practised by some today. Another technique using a crystal is the sliding shift, which omits the blow for people who could not withstand the force, such as those with a pacemaker, heart or lung problems.

The modern, easy way to positively relocate an offset AP is to use a gentle treatment with Theragem™. A succession of relaxing treatments, where the client simply lies or sits on a couch, will offer them the benefits of inner peace and contentment, better ability to cope with life, balanced energy in the glands and organs and better health as a result. The benefits are endless.

Theragem Devices for Personal Use

Theragem also makes personal devices primarily for female hormonal balance & male prostate and ED issues. They are simple to use and designed to be used daily in the privacy of your home.

Here is an interview with the late Laurence Heylen about the Lady Gem and Tiger Gem

Theragem for Animals

Animals respond well to Fusion Light Therapy, and give a good indication of the biological changes brought about. As far as we know, they aren't subject to the "placebo effect."

Belle and Sebastian were born in March of 2012. The "energizer bunny" Belle is pictured in front of her much less playful and often sickly brother. 

Click Here for a pictoral "case history" of the effects of a single Theragem Elation session.

Theragem Liquid Encoder for Oils, Cremes, and Liquids

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